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Camo Contracting

Construction projects, just like hunting, are made easier when you use Camo.

At Camo, our tale is a rich tapestry of collaboration, growth, and innovation.

Our roots trace back to our inaugural project with Taco Bueno Inc. This partnership set the foundation for our company. We were entrusted with managing all their remodels and facilities maintenance projects spread across a network of approximately 165 stores in the grand state of Texas. This initial engagement was not just a contract but a dynamic incubator that fostered relationships and honed our craft.

Our Services


We manage the complete construction process of a new building, starting from the very foundation.


We bring new life into existing spaces, transforming them to meet evolving needs and tastes.


From kitchen layouts to dining spaces, reflects a deep understanding of the culinary journey and the guest experience we aim to facilitate.


Every element, from shelving to lighting, is meticulously planned to elevate the shopping experience and optimize customer traffic flow.


Ensuring a seamless transition that embodies the tenant’s vision while maximizing space and functionality.

Our Work

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